About Us

Petrovski & Nikolov Ltd. is a building company with a registered office in Varna, Bulgaria. Management Company address: Varna, 44 “Rayko Jinzifov” str.

Petrovski & Nikolov Ltd was established in 1996. The company is privately owned with distribution of the shares between two partners. Its expertise is in complex building construction of administrative and residential structures. Petrovski & Nikolov Ltd oversees the entire planning and construction process including: architectural design, foundation, basic construction, finishing works, installations, fittings and furnishings. Also, at the request of the client, we can offer interior design.

We have a modern and well equipped office and an optimum number of experts in the management, architectural, accounting and building departments. We employ only highly qualified professionals.

In our buildings we use contemporary and high-quality building materials and technologies, while at the same time we reduce the construction period. The finishing works are done with materials chosen by the client. Using an individual approach to every client we are capable of meeting all of your requirements and offering you alternative solutions, ensuring the safety of you investment.